Third-Party Logistics (3PL)

In today’s dynamically changing business environment, it becomes important to push your business to do more with less to drive profitability. APM leverages its experience and expertise to reduce cost, increase efficiency and improve the operations of its customers’ supply chains. With APM’s expertise as one of the top customized and effective logistics service providers in India, it becomes able for you to soar higher and achieve your business goals. Being in the logistics industry for a long, we understand what customer’s business demands, and we take pride in rendering unmatched 3PL services in various sections such as warehousing and distribution, just-in-time-supplies, MHE renting, etc., and that too with utmost accuracy as well as simplicity. As your third-party logistics partner, we provide you with logistics services that are tailored according to business demands and that can provide you with maximum advantage at minimum cost.


Warehousing Rental

APM is one of the renowned and reliable organizations offering the best services for warehousing rental to various corporate clients. What makes us unique and best among all is that we put our best to understand the client’s requirements and accordingly provide them with the best solution to their satisfaction. Having our warehouses in PAN India, we are competent to fulfill the desire of customers from any location. Whether it is from the primary sector, secondary sector, or tertiary sector, our warehouses are efficient to accommodate and preserve goods of all natures. Moreover, all our warehouses are embedded with advanced and required facilities and features. From time to time vacuuming, pest control, cleaning, and maintenance of the warehouses are done. Also, they are under CCTV surveillance giving the security of your goods a higher preference. Today, several corporate clients are availing of our superior quality warehousing rental services.


Warehousing and Distribution

When it comes to warehousing and distribution services, APM holds a strong position in the industry for rendering best-in-class services. Our basis for the work is to understand the customer’s business and logistics needs and accordingly providing them solutions to help their business grow. The extensive network of our dedicated warehousing and distribution services is competent to make you able to fulfill your commitments to your customers on time. We have our warehouses on government-approved lands, located on highways with easy accessibility, of international standards, with aesthetic architecture, with a high-security system, and other advanced facilities. Our comprehensive distribution services ensure that your product reaches the right place, at the right time, and the right price. What makes our service special is being able to customize it to meet the customer’s requirements concerning design, layout, storage, security, and handling.


Supply Chain Consulting

Considering supply chain alignment enclosed to the business strategy helps in achieving growth and business objectives, APM helps businesses to make difference within their profit margin by providing effective logistics solutions. Our supply chain consulting is aimed at providing the best solutions to meet every need required for taking the business to a new height. Our experts are fully knowledgeable about all aspects of logistics, and thus suggest you best analyze your business nature and pace.

Having experience of almost 3 decades and being a leader in logistics, we not only suggest the best but provide the best logistics solution as well in the form of transportation, warehousing, and distribution services. We at APM integrate business strategy with supply chain initiatives to drive operational excellence. From management consulting to system integration to outsourcing 3PL, we deliver end-to-end services for improving supply chain management.


Instant Warehousing (Cloak room facility)

Under our range of Instant Warehousing Services, we offer Cloak Room Facility as per the requirement of the clients. Several manufacturers and leading companies avail our cloakroom facilities for instant storage of their bulk of products. Our warehouses are well-maintained, spacious, and vacuum-cleaned to retain the quality of your goods during the storage period. We do not tamper with your goods in any aspect and return them as it is submitted to us by you.

We have assigned a big team of experts who look after every activity of the warehouse and leave no stone unturned to perform the operations and maintain the warehouse smoothly. They are courteous and answer all your queries properly. With 20 lac square feet of ultra-secure warehouse, we are helping business organizations all around the country by offering them instant warehousing facilities. Whenever you come across the need for a warehousing facility to keep your goods in a secure place, APM warehouse is on its way.


Just In Time Supplies

With a fleet of self-owned vehicles, strong transportation support, and closely aligned to technological advancement, APM ensures Just In time supplies to its customers. We understand how essential it is for you to deliver products to your customers on time in the context of your business growth as well as to improve your supply chain management. Thus, we always stood ready with our resources to do supplies whenever and wherever required. Being a leader in logistics, we deal in providing the best third-party logistics and supply chain solutions.

From the very first day of our inception, we worked to deliver innovative services and facilities that enabled our clients to enjoy profitable growth in their businesses. In the present cut-throat competition existing within the market, companies look for less of a supply and more of a supply network i.e. can move quickly and flexibly and capitalize on innovations and respond to digital disruption and thus we do the same for our clients. Having 100-plus branches throughout the country, we own a strong network.


Direct On Line Services

APM, one of the leading logistics solution providers in India provides a complete range of 3PL/4PL all around the nation, and to outsource any of our services or facility, you need not take a step out of your place. In today’s global business world, there is hardly any business organization that is untouched by the wonders of digitalization, same goes for us. We are completely digitalized and perform every operation using technology but implying human touch with it. Thus, you can become knowledgeable about our services as well as hire them Direct On-Line.

Not only this, you can even get constant updates about your goods stored in our warehouse or about your goods being transported or supplied from us online. We understand that your products are the core of your business and livelihood, thus we provide you the best assistance by providing you with everything at your convenience and by handling your goods, appointing extra care and safety, and do not disappoint you in any way.


MHE Renting

To perform each and every operation of our warehouse smoothly, we own wide range of material handling equipments (MHE). To load, unload and move heavy goods, big or small size cartons safely within or outside the warehouse to keep them damage free, we make use of these exclusively made material handling equipments and also provide these equipments on rent. One can hire these equipments from our company on rent for short or long period of time to make their business operation smooth and easy.

The equipment will prove helpful in executing your task conveniently. To perform every task with perfection, there is an art to do it and this MHE helps at large in accomplishing the task with perfection. If in case, you analyze that you cannot afford to buy the equipment or if you realize that you do not need this equipment most of the time in your business then you can hire them at affordable rates from our company.



We also deal in providing racking facilities to our clients. Most of you must have a warehouse or space to store goods, but maybe you don’t have a racking facility within it. To store your goods properly and in a managed way, it is good to use a racking system and place every item properly within the racks. For this, you can come to us, and we can provide you with suitable racking considering the nature, size, and weight of goods to be placed on them. We construct racking using the best quality material that is thick and capable of bearing heavy weight. They are also weather resistant and do not get spoiled with changes in temperature or weather conditions. We charge for what we provide, thus our racking is quite affordable and provides full value against the money. You will not get disappointed or regret buying racks from us.


Milk Run

Milk run in the logistics sector relates to the round trip that is done either to facilitate distribution or collection. In today’s busy world, where everything has been digitized, everyone prefers to shop online. The people who are engaged in this online business need to deliver the goods safely and timely to their customers, for which they need a strong distribution network. We at APM, assist our clients’ best distribution system with our milk run service, where we deal in both distribution and collection. Considering the requirements and priorities of our client, we either collect goods from different suppliers or deliver them to one customer or supply goods from one supplier to different customers. Throughout the round trip, we handle goods with care and make sure that no item will get damaged either from external objects or while loading and unloading. You can rely on us completely for the distribution and collection network as we own a fleet of vehicles that are well-designed and spacious.


Relocations – Both Domestic & International

APML is the largest mover of household goods and a leader in logistics deals in all types of relocation and renders relocation services for both domestic & international locations. Since our inception till the date, we have done thousands of successful moves and received great appreciation for providing quality services. We deal in household, corporate and industrial relocation along with various value-added services too. Some of these value-added services are pet relocation, vehicle relocation, EXIM cargo, AIR Terminal management, plant relocation, etc.

WWe understand and respect your emotions attached to your hard-earned goods and thus we relocate your emotions in the form of goods. We execute complete relocation with perfection using top-quality packing material, modernized equipment, and a safe carrier. While relocating goods, our main emphasis is to deliver them intact and on time at customers’ locations. Being experienced and expert in the specific industry, we handle every consignment considering its nature, size, weight and shape during relocation.


Car Transportation

We offer safe, swift and expedited car transportation services all around the country. To ensure the best and safe transportation, we pick up cars from the doorstep of our clients and deliver them to their desired destinations. We make sure that the car gets delivered safely, timely and damage-free. We own specially designed car carriers that are spacious and fabricated well to move cars safely from one destination to another throughout the country.

These carriers include a perfect platform to load the car easily and safely. We provide you with car relocation services at the most affordable and reasonable rates. Our highly skilled and experienced relocation managers will carry out a stress-free moving process. We are proud to be one of the leading packers and movers in India. You can rely on us completely for safe and smooth transportation of your car and that too at reasonable rates.


Rooftech Infrastructure

We provide roof tech infrastructure service for different areas like commercial, industrial, and agricultural which includes godowns, warehouses, large sheds, etc. Not only this, we provide this structure for swimming pools, banquet halls, garages, animal shelters, and various other constructions. Our roof tech infrastructure is made from top-quality material and is weather resistant.

These infrastructures are highly durable and completely safe. One can make use of these in their business premises. They are made up of metal and are extremely attractive in design. Our roof-tech infrastructures are self-supported and robust which can bear any climatic change. These roof tech infrastructures are available at reasonable rates for you and that too according to your size requirements. So, give your premises a new and attractive design with a well-designed roof tech infrastructure.


Transport packaging for all kinds of freights

In addition to providing transportation services, we also deal in packaging for all types of freight. Being one of the top packers and movers, we pack every item with perfection using top-quality packaging material and considering the nature, shape, size, and weight of the item. We understand that product is the core of any business and thus we apply extra care and safety while executing the packaging process.

While packing, we pay attention to the fact that packing should be done in a way that items do not get damaged at the time of loading, unloading, and unpacking and remain intact even if it falls while handling. As we deal in international relocation as well, we maintain the custom standards while packaging products for international moving. Irrespective of the type of move and reason for to move, we execute the packaging process properly leaving no stone unturned for errors. Once you hand over your goods to us for packaging, you will not get disappointed for sure.


Full truck load / trailer movement

Whether it’s about the full truckload or the trailer movement, we provide the best and most professional services. We perform each service with perfection so that our customers will not regret later for anything. We are reckoned as one of the leading service providers of full truckload/trailer movement services. Our team comprises experienced personnel, who carry out these services in a diligent manner. We are well-equipped with the latest transport facility, which ensures timely delivery of goods to the destination. We take full responsibility for your goods and deliver them safely and timely to your desired address. Moreover, we provide the best loading and unloading support. We work not only to accomplish the job but to provide satisfactory services. We undertake all tasks starting from packing goods at the source to unloading the customer's goods at the destination. Full truck load/trailer movement services can be availed from us at very reasonable rates.


Dedicated Vehicles/Designed Vehicles

Being the leaders of the logistics and supply chain industry, we understand the need for dedicated vehicles by the clients for their goods. In the corporate industry, every client has its demands and requirements. The Same policy doesn’t apply to everyone. That is why we rent dedicated vehicles and design vehicles for our clients. Privacy of the goods matters a lot in this industry and that is why the need for dedicated vehicles is paramount. We take pride in having a strong fleet of self-owned 1000-plus vehicles and more than 1500 vehicles on a contract basis. Our executives and manpower are committed to our clients and render their services according to their requirements. Privacy of the goods matters a lot in this industry and that is why, need of dedicated vehicle is paramount. We take pride in having a strong fleet of self-owned 1000 plus vehicles and more than 1500 vehicles on contract basis. Our executives and manpower is committed to our clients and render them services according to their requirements.