About us

With an experience of almost 3 decades in logistics and supply chain, we are leading the industry.

With a thought to transform the way the logistics industry worked, and a vision to offer comprehensive logistics solutions, APM Warehouse – a unit of Agarwal Movers Group was formed in 1987 and is now a recognized leader in the field of warehousing and logistics services. With an alliance of unwavering will, & resolute spirit, we provide A Grade (box) warehousing services including predominantly transportation and distribution facilities. Wherever you go, you will find APM people striving for excellence in everything they do, considering the urgency and a desire to meet all their customers’ every service requirement. That combination of the personal touch with fierce professional pride is our corporate signature. Agarwal Movers Group having 100 plus branches serving 1264 locations all around country, 2500 plus vehicles, 5000 plus trucking cube and 2 million staff, we constantly endeavor to give you world-class facilities that are reliable, durable and cost-effective.

Count on Quality, Count on Us

At APM, we never settle for anything that is even a fraction less than being the absolute best. That would mean consistently delivering ground-breaking and top-notch services to our customers. In this regard, our team of experts brings together proven methods and innovative techniques that allow you to achieve flexibility and cost efficiency.

Offering Customization, Offering Perfection

Again, what sets us apart is our ability to craft efficient and cost-effective logistics solutions that are tailored to your needs. Here, we do not go by the ‘One size fits all’ approach as we understand that your requirements are completely unique in comparison to others. Starting from the selection of a suitable location for your business to engineering a layout that would optimize the space and executing it, customization is the operative word for us. The specifications and the built of our warehouses stand at par with those of our global counterparts in terms of space, size, facilities, etc. Whether it is a dedicated warehouse or a public/shared warehouse that you are looking for, one thing is for certain – your needs will receive utmost care from Group craftsmen.

Reaching Out to the World, Reaching Out for You

When a client walks in to our office, our bouquet of services assures them complete peace of mind. Equipped with loading docks to load and unload trucks, overhead and mobile cranes and forklifts to move goods, complete supply chain planning & execution, business intelligence and a team of logistics experts with in depth local and global warehousing knowledge – the objective is to enhance your business. What makes it all even better is the comprehensive 3PL package that we offer. All this is just to make sure that you focus on your core competencies, while we focus on ours.

Our Growth Story

Since our inception till today, we have enjoyed an inspiring journey and tremendous growth from one of the logistics industry to the leader of the industry.

Jan 2010
8 Lac Sq. Feet Warehouse Space
June 2013
15 Lac Sq. Feet Warehouse Space
Now 2016
20 Lac Sq. Feet Warehouse Space
Prediction, 2025
80 Lac Sq. Feet Warehouse Space

Our Clients